Rag Wii'd

  • Clint Herron
    Clint Herron

    Hey all!

    I've been having loads of fun playing with the DarwiinRemote library. I've been having trouble getting the library to link into my projects properly (almost anything I try seems to give the "image not found" error), but I've been able to hijack the original DarwiinRemote project and get things working through that project file. One of these days I'll sit down and figure out why this framework is so hard to include, but at the moment I'm more anxious to just get something working.

    Okay, frustrations aside, here are some screenshots from latest project (with a current working title of Rag Wii'd) -- a ragdoll physics simulator controllable by a Wiimote. I plan on releasing this source code once I get it cleaned up a little bit -- it's really hacked into the old DarwiinRemote project at the moment, and so I feel silly releasing such a cobbled piece of code.


    The white box on the left is a cheesy model of a Wii controller that I made that tilts and pitches according to how you are holding the Wiimote (very similar to the WiiPot project).

    I used a minimal amount of Objective C (just enough to catch the events from the framework), and the rest of it is written in C++ and raw OpenGL, using GLUT for window management.

    Any questions/comments can be posted here, or written to me at hanclinto at gmail dot com.



    • Jasen Jacobsen
      Jasen Jacobsen

      Spiffy.  I thought the Wiimote would make a fun marionette controller.  Maybe we'll eventually see a marionette game:
      Use the controller to "walk" your character around, push buttons to control different parts of the marionette or make it take an action.

      OK, it might not be that great a GAME, but it'd be a cool technology demo!

      - Jasen.