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DAP2 Benchmark's test set definition

DAP2 has a test set defined in more or less language-independent manner. Here's the description of tests.

Test 0 - calculate a sum of array filled with 'double' precision floating point numbers. This must be the fastest way to get the sum. You are free to code this in any way. In C++ it would be a simple 'fortran' style loop. In Java it's a little trickier, e.g. HotSpot optimization won't work with that loop. Anyway, the point is to produce the fastest possible code, because all other tests are measured against this one. ... read more

Posted by argyn 2003-04-16

Beta released

I'm glad to announce that beta version is available as a source release at http://cvs.sourceforge.net/cgi-bin/viewcvs.cgi/dap2/dap2/releases/dap2-beta1.zip

It contains sources for Java and C#. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to put batch scripts together, but it shouldn't be a problem to build a project without them.

I also tested the benchmark on my Dell PowerEdge 1600sc server under Red Hat Linux 8 and Windows 2000. Raw results are in http://cvs.sourceforge.net/cgi-bin/viewcvs.cgi/dap2/dap2/results/... read more

Posted by argyn 2003-04-14

DAP version 1 sources uploaded

I uploaded the sources for the DAP for Java version 1.1 in the directory "old". It's a minor modification to the original (version 1.0) benchmark. I also uploaded the test timimgs for IBM, Sun and JRockit JDKs.

Posted by argyn 2003-04-03

First cut

I uploaded the initial version of DAP2 sources for Java.
I just started with C# port.

Posted by argyn 2003-03-30