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2.9.7 released.

* You can choose whether to raise as many gimp process as selected thumbnails or to raise only one gimp process.
i.e. $ gimp file_a &
$ gimp file_b & ...
$ gimp file_a file_b ... &

Posted by Shinji Morino 2005-04-12

2.9.6 released.

Add de.po file.

Posted by Shinji Morino 2004-08-29

2.9.5 released.

Fixed the bug that the embedded viewer occuers memory leak.

Posted by Shinji Morino 2004-06-04

2.9.4 released.

* The number of thumnails per a row is decided according to window size.
-- Till version 2.9.3, the number of thumbnails per a row is fixed.
Regardless the window size, 3 thumbnails were displayed per a row when thumnail size is large.

Posted by Shinji Morino 2004-01-16

danpei-2.9.3 released

* Add "Go to home directory" menu and toolbar button.

Posted by Shinji Morino 2003-11-20

2.9.2 released

Fixed the bug that danpei often crashed when opening too long and narrow images.

Posted by Shinji Morino 2003-08-08

2.9.1 released.

* Viewer's titlebar becomes to show filename of image file.
* Compile under libpng-1.2.5 becomes OK.

Posted by Shinji Morino 2003-05-16

2.8.6 released.

Support PCX format.

Posted by Shinji Morino 2002-11-29

Danpei 2.8.5 released.

Danpei is a Gtk+ based image viewer.
It allows you to browse through your image files in thumbnail form, and it can rename, cut, and paste them easily with an interface similar to that of Windows Explorer.

Posted by Shinji Morino 2002-10-26