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Dandelion Update

The Dandelion environments have been changed to newer versions.

There was much overhaul in the environment part of Dandelion. The old CLOCC library was replaced with USocket. The environment part also moved to quicklisp. I will try to add the environment to the quicklisp repository, which will make it much easier to connect your installation of CLISP and SBCL to the editor. After the environment has been added to quicklisp I will add a short tutorial on how do this.... read more

Posted by Michael Bohn 2013-08-29

Dandelion Update

The editor and the environments have been updated. See my blog for details: http://www.defmacro.de/?p=35

Posted by Michael Bohn 2010-12-19

Dandelion Update

The Dandelion environments have been changed to newer versions. And there is finally support for Intel Macs and SBCL on Windows:

Mac (PPC) - 2.4.8
Mac (Intel) - 2.4.8
Linux - 2.4.4
Windows - 2.4.8

Mac (PPC) - 1.0.22
Mac (Intel) - 1.0.33
Linux - 1.0.29
Windows - 1.0.29

There is also a little change in the Eclipse plugin itself. It’s now possible to change the environment of existing projects. To do this, you have to right click on your Lisp project, select the Lisp property page and choose the new environment in the combo-box.

Posted by Michael Bohn 2010-02-09

Environments in download section

I've added the environment bundles to the file release download section. If you want to install a environment separate, unzip the zip-file and add the unzipped folder to the Eclipse plugin folder.
But this is not recommended. The recommend way is to install the plugin and environments via the Update Manager (http://dandelion-ecl.sourceforge.net/update/)

Posted by Michael Bohn 2008-07-05

Environment Update

I updated some environments to more recent versions:

Mac - 2.4.3
Linux - 2.4.1
Windows - 2.4.4

Mac - 1.0.15
Linux - 1.0.0

I also changed the plugin IDs, therefore the automatic update might not work. Please reinstall the environment via the update manager.

Posted by Michael Bohn 2008-04-02

Source code management changed to SVN

changed from CVS to SVN

Posted by Michael Bohn 2008-01-04

Short english documentation

In the Documentation section you find now a short english introduction how to install the plugin via the Eclipse Update Manager.

Posted by Michael Bohn 2007-08-20

Version 1.0.5

Version 1.0.5 release, changelog:
- Support for Eclipse 3.3
- SBCL Environment added (MacOS, Linux)

Posted by Michael Bohn 2007-07-29

Documentation and Screenshots

I added the plugin documentation (German only) and some screenshots

Posted by Michael Bohn 2007-07-24