Question:About features dynamic client(NAS-Identifier) with mikrotik

  • vullop sangnum
    vullop sangnum

    Hello please help

    I used daloradius in virtual machine working,great product for me.
    i develop my hotspot using, mikrotik as router and hotspot, and external radius using daloradius(VM platform) on cloud.

    I've got a question about the integration of client NAS with daloRADIUS.
    I install mikrotik behind the DSL provider/NAT firewall so the source ip address of the radius packet is therefore not predictable.I found the solution is call "Dynamic client"(Unknown IP Address).
    I would like to use the NAS-Identifier for a unique identification of a client/nas instead of the IP.

    Is it possible to integration this features(dynamic client with NAS-Identifier) in daloraius? or do you have guideline for solve my requirement.

    Please help me. Thanks you very much!

  • Liran Tal
    Liran Tal

    You can configure all your NAS client information through FreeRADIUS's clients.conf setup and that's about it (also enabling this support is something that is done in FR config and not enabled in daloRADIUS).