Understand unkown formats

  • I don't know if you are still here, but I was curious about how you understood the different formats supported by dalle.

    How you get a lot of 0 and 1 from a file and take a format from them? There is some bibliography about this?

    • Oh, belive me, I'm still here, and I hope I'll be for a long time.
      (I've not enought free time to develop new versions every month, but maybe in the next three months ...)

      The method I used to obtain a format from a file is "Reverse Engineering".
      I take a known file and use the target program to (split/process/encript/anything the program does). Then I open the genterated file(s) with an hexadecimal editor, and I try to guess the values of the things I can see.

      The files I usually use are a Mb of 'a' and a Mb of '0'.

      I've taken some code from other projects (deskama) for formats that were too difficult to me.

      I'm trying to document all formats dalle is able to handle, but it's a a boring task (I'll try to do that in next releases ).

      • a) Alberto Fernndez...pues como que dejo de hacer el gil*** y paso al modo spanish.
        b) Pos eres un maxote :) Como fallaba la verificacion del .crc del Hacha Pro intente entender el formato y acabe necesitando mirar el codigo para pillarlo...y ese formato era de lo mas simple.

        Nada, ya me ire pasando de vez en cuando en busca de nueva version.