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Dakar 2010 Game / News: Recent posts

Future of the game

If you don't like the game help us with your idea how to make it better in the next release. Yes, new version is planned (2011 or 2012). Write an e-mail if you have any notice about improvements or what you want to see.
For the next version i need a new 3d model designer (the previous was me :)

Posted by Balázs Tuska 2009-12-25

Final 1.0 Released

The final 1.0 version of Dakar 2010 Game is released. I have created it on my own: models, textures and programming. So maybe it is not the best looking game. But i made it because i really like this sport, and there is no other game about it. So if you like it drive as fast as you can and enjoy it!

Posted by Balázs Tuska 2009-12-25

alpha3p released

Changes since alpha3k:
- add shadow (by a shadow map, which is faster than stencil shadow)
- add dirt levels to car

Posted by Balázs Tuska 2009-08-03

Alpha3b released

- Add more settings in options window.
- Add save settings.
- Add latest IrrCg
- Fixed Cg problems (smoke)

Posted by Balázs Tuska 2009-07-06


- Updated timings.
- turn off Cg by default it has some problem with transparancy.

Posted by Balázs Tuska 2009-07-05

Cg shader support added

Cg shader support added.
The default download file is the version without Cg. You can download it if you select more file link.

Posted by Balázs Tuska 2009-07-04

Alpha3a released

13 new stages added.
The gameplay file structure has been changed, so this binaries are unable to read the old format.
Also the savegames are not compatible. Need to start a new game.

Posted by Balázs Tuska 2009-06-30

Project announce

The project Dakar 2010 is announced on SF. You can find here the binaries and the source code of the game. Till I get more familiar with SF you can find more information on

Posted by Balázs Tuska 2009-06-04