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Version 13.06-RC2 released !

Daisy Web Player - 13.06-RC2 - Release notes

Before updating

Please keep a cooy of your daisywp-config.js file, and add useBookmarking (true/false) into the settings.general section !
If you've done GUI customization in daisywp.html, keep a copy too !

Bugs fixed / additions

Play/​Stop button problem

The button did not always work.
Check on playlist length removed! (yaaow.js)... read more

Posted by Nicedata 2013-06-26

Version 13.06-RC1 released !

Nearly one year after our last release, we release this new version of the software.
This version is a complete redesign.
We had to find solutions to be environment independent.
We also had some feedback in which it appeared that there were issues with mobile iOS devices.

We discovered two major software pieces that helped us in this refactoring process:

o) jPlayer, a completely free and open source (MIT) media library written in JavaScript.
o) Twitter Bootstrap, sleek, intuitive, and powerful front-end framework for faster and easier web development.

Posted by Nicedata 2013-06-09

A new version (12.04) is available !

The version number now follows the "year.month" schema (like UBUNTU). So the current version is 12.04 (april 2012). Depending on requests, we plan to release two major versions a year.

The software has been completely rewritten using the excellent and popular jQuery javascript library (http://www.jquery.com). By doing so, we have been able to greatly reduce the size of the code and improve its stability!... read more

Posted by Nicedata 2012-03-29