Daimonin MMORPG / News: Recent posts

Version 0.9.7 (beta 4) released

We are proud to announce the release of the
next Daimonin version.

You need to download the client in the files
area to play the game, older clients will
not work. This version offers a auto-updater
and will stay longer.

Here is a short overview about the most
important changes:

- group playing
- instance maps
- new talk interface
- complex quest system
- several times bigger game world
- about 40-50 news monsters
- more and better animations
- many hundred new objects
- new map editor
- map wizard system
- VOL/GM volunteer system
- new spells
- DPS/THAC system
and much, much more including many technical changes

Posted by Michael Toennies 2007-05-21

New Map Maker Package B4-pr3

We released a new map maker package for the updated test server.

This version has alot new arches, pictures and the server allows instances. Also includes all fixes from the CVs.

Posted by Michael Toennies 2006-12-18

Client BETA3 0.967 released

This last client for the BETA 3 system
comes with new SDL files, updated media
and the book GUI. It needs an altered
BETA3 server and don't works with 0.966.

Posted by Michael Toennies 2006-04-26

BETA3 v0.966 released

I released today the BETA3 v0.966.
This release has the new AI system in the server code along with alot other internal changes.
Most changes has been done to the arches. Alot are added and the editor can now automatic add tiled maps to other, do random fills with random seeds from pickmaps and has a extended animations interface.
The client has some minor bugfixes and interface optimations.

Posted by Michael Toennies 2004-12-18

Small change in windows client installer

I changed the installer of the BETA3-0965b client exe for windows so all generated files from previous installations get 100% deleted.
There was a chance the new client shuted themself
down for safety reasons when it found outdated files.
The new installer will cover it.
When your BETA3-0965b client shutdown when
login to the server after you ugraded, redownload
the package here - it will then work.

Posted by Michael Toennies 2004-10-10

BETA3 0.965b released

A new client & server release.
** Old clients will not work with this release **
This client has some new features as command
line history, spell icons in the quickbar, new
option system...

Posted by Michael Toennies 2004-10-09

BETA 3 released

We have released the today the BETA 3 version 0.965a.
All packages are updated. The changes to the beta 2 a numerous include some huge new maps and alot of graphics.
The BETA 3 v.096x is playable with the BETA 2 server v.0.96x. That will be true until the version
change to 0.97.

Posted by Michael Toennies 2004-07-10

BETA 2 0.96a clients released

Small bugfix for reported problems under XP home
edition and a cosmetical fix in the login screen.

Posted by Michael Toennies 2004-05-13

BETA 2 released

After several month of work we have now released
the BETA 2 (BETA2-096) of this game. As usual
we have windows binary and source packages for

Posted by Michael Toennies 2004-05-12

preparing CVS

I will now load the CVS with the BETA 2
code. The public server will still run last
BETA 1 code.
That means after a CVS checkout
the CVS client and server will reject BETA 1
server/clients as to old. So, don't mix then
up. My first plan was to release the server
first, but i have added some client changes
too and i don't want different working clients
on the same server version - that will only
confuse the players.

Posted by Michael Toennies 2003-11-24

Fixed client again!

I had changed something to much last package.
This release will run without problems.

Posted by Michael Toennies 2003-10-25

Fixed client source for gcc 3.x

I released a new package (dm_client_95b1_src.zip)
with a modified source to compile without problems
and warnings under gcc 3.x compilers.
These changes are only technical - windows
user or gcc 2.x user are not effected.

Posted by Michael Toennies 2003-10-25

Removed bug in win32 server installer.

Small bug in the old package: Installer has not
installed folder without files in. Result was
problems when the server tries to swap maps
or save players. Download the 95b1 package.

Posted by Michael Toennies 2003-10-16

BETA 1 released!

After a bit more time - a bit more release.
This BETA is full playable & stabil. Chars
created will stay the whole beta.

Posted by Michael Toennies 2003-10-16

Daimonin BETA 1 coming soon

I have now done alot of more work for the next
version as i had planed. This has eaten some
more time as i expected for the next version,
but the good news is that we will have a true
beta version.

For the new player: Please don't access the CVS,
use the packages. The CVS is not stable in the
moment and i will delete big parts of it and reload
the beta files at once then. This is needed because
we have alot of directory changes (CVS has some problems in handling deleted folders).

Posted by Michael Toennies 2002-12-29

CVS - don't use until next release!

I started to adding the new release to the cvs.
The code will be broken in the time because
it is a major update with much changes.
Use the source package instead.

Posted by Michael Toennies 2002-09-29

pre release 02 - linux port ready

This release comes with linux source packages
and win32 exe packages.

Posted by Michael Toennies 2002-09-19

Client package fixed and updated

There was a minor bug in the client package.
The debug version asked for the msctrd.dll,
which comes with the visual studio but not
with any normal windows installation.
This is fixed.

Posted by Michael Toennies 2002-09-08

Binary packages released

I released 3 binary packages.
The client and server package is for
win32 only. They have all included what you need
to start a server or client.

The editor package is a .jar file. There is a bug in
the png load from collected file - so you need to
download the arch files too.

Posted by Michael Toennies 2002-09-08

pre release - CVS loaded

I started to load the CVS with the current
version of Daimonin. This will be the start
for the first official beta.

Posted by Michael Toennies 2002-09-06