#119 Links don't quite make it to Word as Hyperlinks

Davide Ficano
Steadman Botha

Thank you so much for the excellent Addon.

I notice that when I copy a table containing links in FF 4.0 using Table2Clipboard 1.5.2 the link becomes slightly corrupted.

The original link in FF is:


but for some reason, when I copy the table in Word 2010, it does not bring across the cgi-bin/ portion. Instead it looks like this:



  • Davide Ficano
    Davide Ficano

    I've tested the localhost link and everything works correctly.

    I've tested under WinXP, Wiod 2003 and Excel 2003

    BTW Table2Clipboard doesn't convert "localhost" to a server name like "talsv501" so maybe you Word version is so smart to do it.

    Have you tried some non Microsoft applications? For example OpenOffice?

  • Steadman Botha
    Steadman Botha

    Sorry dafi, the hostname thing was a typo. -See my correction made shortly after posting. My apologies for the confusion.

    The part that is a problem is the dropping of the "cgi-bin" when pasting. -See corrected post begining with the word "CORRECTION"

    This issue happens using Word 2010 on Windows 7.

    I haven't tried non Microsoft apps -they are pretty strict with our desktops at work, and I don't use Microsoft at home.

  • Davide Ficano
    Davide Ficano

    I'm sorry but I can't test T2C on Word 2010, I've only Word 2003 and the link is copied correctly (it includes also the cgi-bin portion).

  • Steadman Botha
    Steadman Botha

    Fair enough.

    I should point out that I never had a need for the addon when I was copying tables from FF to word 2003. It wasn't until Word 2010 and FF4.0 on W7 that I was forced to hunt around for an addon.