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Firebird to Firebird replication

  • Oleg Deribas
    Oleg Deribas

    I'm trying to use daffodil replicator 2.1 with firebird sql. I've downloaded latest firebird JDBC driver (Jaybird-2.1.0JDK_1.5.zip) and configured all required parameters in config.ini according to manual.
    When I'm starting PubServer.bat I see that there is error message appearing in ERROR.lg file:


    GDS Exception. 335544569. Dynamic SQL Error
    SQL error code = -204
    Table unknown
    At line 1, column 26

    It is firebird error message. So it seems that replicator expects that REP_PUBLICATIONS table exists in my database? Should I create this table manually?

    Then I'm trying to create new publication, and when I fill in required values and press "Next" button, there is nothing happens, but long error message is printed on console. Here is first lines of it's message:

    Exception occurred during event dispatching:
            at com.daffodilwoods.repconsole.SelectTable.initListWithDatabaseTablesForCreate(SelectTable.java:242)

    Maybe I'm doing something wrong? What should I do to run daffodil replicator?