Can not find XML File

  • Hi, I have a publication server running on port 3001 of a PC on a Firebird database, with 60 tables being published.   On other PC on the LAN, I have a copy of the database and the subscription server running on port 3002.   When I create the subscription, I get the following error:

    Can not find the xml file at specified path.

    This is the error in the log file:

    2007-02-27 17:19:46.015
    C:\Replicator\Replication\struct\ (El sistema no puede hallar el archivo especificado) Method)<init>(


    2007-02-27 17:19:46.062

        Can not find the xml file at specified path.


    I've searched for solutions in this forums, and tried to access the official forum ( without any success.   The official forum has been down for many days, I would like to know if there is another link to access it.

    Can anyone help me with this issue?

    Thanks in advance