DACS 1.4.15 has been released

Since DACS is security software, we urge all users
to upgrade to the newest release. Please visit http://dacs.dss.ca/download.html for checksums and additional information.

Checksums for dacs-1.4.15.tbz:
-rw-r--r-- 1 brachman wheel 1620600 Oct 1 21:43 dacs-1.4.15.tbz

MD5: 7c7d7b1f044c87e74790c509fe5391d8
SHA-1: 766af6088cbf9432b418895f8c3c191276c9e1a3

Checksums for dacs-1.4.15.tgz:
-rw-r--r-- 1 brachman wheel 2264282 Oct 1 21:43 dacs-1.4.15.tgz

MD5: b446b593ce98d0ab235307c7eef28e4b
SHA-1: 196aae124bc8021eadb71bafb0f73d66f753a63f

Posted by Barry Brachman 2006-10-03