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What part of Apache is configure looking for?

  • I'm trying to install DACS. The "configure" script is complaining that it can't find the "Apache install directory." What part(s) of Apache does it need to find? Is it looking for libraries, headers... the apache2 binary? ...or something entirely different?

    I've been attempting to use a Ubuntu 7.10 standard Apache install, but it scatters Apache bits all over the filesystem, so I'm having trouble figuring out which bit to give to the --with-apache option.

    • Barry Brachman
      Barry Brachman

      The --with-apache flag to configure needs the root of the
      Apache installation directory.  In a normal Apache install,
      this directory will contain the bin, cgi-bin, conf, htdocs,
      include, logs, and other directories (lib might be there)
      that depend on the version of Apache.

      When I build Apache 2.2.8, I configure it with these flags:
      and when I build DACS, I configure it with:

      When I build Apache 2.0.63, I configure it with:
      and when I build DACS, I use:

      I don't have any experience with Ubuntu, but if it's very
      different from the default Apache layout I'd suggest rebuilding
      it in some fresh place (as I do in both cases above) and work
      with that install instead of the Ubuntu one.

      I hope this helps.