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Internal errors

  • http://dacs1.aaa.bbb/cgi-bin/dacs/dacs_version
    Apache told:

    Internal Server Error

    The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.
    Command line

    DACS 1.4.12 Release date 1-May-06 11:19:38 (revid 1144)



    • You have not provided much information about what is happening, so I can only make some guesses and offer some suggestions.

      1. Do *any* CGI programs run properly?  Do any
      other DACS CGI programs run properly?
      Try the dacs_conf and prenv CGIs.

      2. Have you checked the Apache, DACS, and system log files for error messages?

      3. Is dacs_version (and other CGIs) being linked properly at run-time? (see ldconfig or crle commands)

      4. Is the DACS configuration file correct and accessible (use the DACS 'conf' program)?
      Check file ownership and modes on the Apache and DACS directories and files.

      5. Did you follow the DACS Quick Start tutorial
      ("man dacs.quick")?  It is a good idea for all new DACS administrators to try it.

      Hope this helps.