Novell Authentication

  • 1. Does DACS support Novell Directory Tree authentication "out of the box"?

    1.1 If not, can it support Novell Directory Tree authentication?
    1.1.1 In general terms, what would be involved?

    • Barry Brachman
      Barry Brachman

      1. I have no direct experience authenticating against a Novell directory, so I don't know. 
      Perhaps someone who has tried it can comment.
      If the directory offers an LDAP interface and
      provided you require a username/password to bind to the directory, I'd guess that local_ldap_authenticate would work for Novell just as it works for Microsoft ADS.  After building DACS, it shouldn't take much time for you to find out.  See dacs_authenticate(8).

      To answer 1.1 and 1.1.1, I'd need to know more specifically what form(s) of authentication you require.  Username/password? X.509 certificates? smart cards? And which specific product are you using? eDirectory?

      In the simplest case, you're talking about a situation only slightly different from that of ADS, so I wouldn't expect much needs to be done - we could probably offer some help.

      In theory, DACS ought to be able to support just about any style of authentication.  Support for PAM-based authentication is pending some demand for it, but if there is a PAM module for your directory service then that might eventually offer another approach.