Hi All

Sorry to bother you to ask some questions about measurement collector tool of DaCapo 9.12 Bach. Thank you very much for your time.

I am trying to collect some benchmark statistics reported by paper "The DaCapo Benchmarks: Java Benchmarking Development and Analysis" on DaCapo 9.12 Bach. In the source code package of DaCapo 9.12 Bach, there are patches for building customized JikesRVM 2.4.6 and JikesRVM 2.4.5. By strictly following the compile instructions, the compilation process of my patched JikesRVM 2.4.5 still reported compile errors. My patched JikesRVM 2.4.6 also encountered the similar issue. By modifying some source code, my patched JikesRVM 2.4.6 finally passed the compilation. But the execution still even cannot start up normally. The latest Jikes RVM version JikesRVM 3.1.3 works well for me though. So my questions are:
1. Do we have patches targeting on JikesRVM 3.1.3 to produce the benchmark statistics in the paper?
2. Do we have source code of JikesRVM 2.4.6/2.4.5 archive you used when you did experiments for that paper?

Thank you very much!

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Yufei Jiang