We have just released a second maintenance release of the DaCapo benchmark suite, dacapo-2006-10-MR2.  This is available now for download from the website (www.dacapo-bench.org). 

Note: The maintenance release only fixes minor bugs and aesthetic issues. Workloads are unchanged. Thus dacapo-2006-10, dacapo-2006-10-MR1 and dacapo-2006-10-MR2 are fully compatible.

MR2 includes the following improvements:

1. We have fixed a bug in the jython benchmark which produced problems on Windows, we think due to low resolution timers (thanks to Christian Wimmer).  The change is trivial and does not affect the workload.
2. We have fixed a bug in the harness which meant the "-n" commandline option did not behave as advertised when multiple benchmarks were specified (thanks to Christian Wimmer).
3. We have included a new "xdeps" repackaging of the benchmark suite (and corresponding ant target for the src distribution) which splits out external dependencies for each benchmark.  This is intended for those who use ahead-of-time whole program analysis tools, such as Soot (thanks to Eric Bodden).  Note that this functionality has existed since dacapo-2006-10, the change here is merely that we are making available a pre-packaged zip file.

Please see the web page for details (www.dacapo-bench.org).

Note that, separately, we have begun the process of evaluating new benchmarks for the next major release.  The first of these, SunFlow, is now available from the svn head (but is not included in the maintenance release, which maintains strict compatibility with dacapo-2006-10).