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Version 3 Pre Alpha

This is a totaly rewritten version of DaBCoS. I've designed it to support a plugin architecture so that it would be possibile to compare and syncronize eterogenues data source.

I've developed it during this summer, and now i'm again full of work so I haven't all the time i wish to continue developing DaBCoS....anyway, slower or not i'm determined to go forward.

This is a pre-alpha showing the engine architecture, and it's plugins.... read more

Posted by Davide Mauri 2004-10-05

Version 0.2.1198

Finally the version 0.2 is out! The really big change in this version is that the code is now completely Object Oriented (though more improvements can be done :-D).
This resulted in the ability to handle DIFFERENT VERSION of Sql Server. The interface with sql server is now defined in a really simple XML file. Provided with this release there are the sql server 2000 interface file, and the sql server 7 interface file. This last one is just a mere copy of the 2000 so it probably won't function correctly. If someone can help to make it work (i don't have a sql server 7 at hand now), it will really be appreciated.(You just need to translate the T-SQL scripts you can found in the XML interface file from 2000 to 7.0 version. It should no be difficult to do)<br>
Ok, now i'm working on including indexes and constraints in the comparison engine. Once done that i'll be ready to start to develop the synchronization engine.

Posted by Davide Mauri 2003-04-13

Version 0.2.1142 (Private Release)

I'm working a lot to make the code completely follow the Object Oriented programming rules. I'm also re-engineering it so that it will support a sort of "add-in" so that DaBCoS will be able to handle different version of SQL Server. Also corrected some bugs and improved al lot the code reusability so that it will be more compact, readable and easy to mantain.
All the user asked features should be implemented (saving of working session and compatibility with earlier version of SQL Server)

Posted by Davide Mauri 2003-02-16

Version 0.1.1106 Released

This version has a more clear and a little more Object Oriented code; in addition some bugs has been corrected (for example stored procedure were not sorted) and the GUI has been simplified and changed to look a little better.

Posted by Davide Mauri 2003-01-17

About source code

If someone has downloaded the source code, he may have noticed that the coding style is not really object-oriented....so in the next release i'll try to rewrite the code so it will respect the OO rules. In this way i'll also want to make the program more flexible and expandible.

Posted by Davide Mauri 2002-12-27

Version 0.1.1091 Released

With the help of this Christmans hollydays i've been able to work a little on DaBCoS project, and, finally, i've managed to get the compare functionality complete at 100%.
So, it's now possible to compare two database to find differences on tables, views, stored procedures and functions.

Posted by Davide Mauri 2002-12-27

Version 0.1.1047 Released

New version released. With this version you can also compare compare views.

Posted by Davide Mauri 2002-11-13