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Moved to SVN

SourceForge are finally offering Subversion, so we've moved to that.

Posted by Chris Porter 2006-03-09

Version 1.30 released!

After quite a while, we've finally got round to releasing a new version.
We've increased the speed drastically (undo/redo compression was slowing down the software, its now all multithreaded).

Also added a perlin noise (plasma cloud) generator, and a contortion plugin, along with lots of other small fixes.

Posted by Chris Porter 2006-03-09

Version 1.22 released!

Adds a new fractal plugin, as well as a new type of image format.
DMI (DaakuMataa macro image) stores the actual actions taken since the File|New command, so you can store your steps in a small file.

Posted by Chris Porter 2004-10-29

1.21 released

This version adds the new rainbow plugin.

Posted by Chris Porter 2004-09-29

1.20 released!

As well as fixing a few bugs which crept in with the new history/toolbar code, rotates code has been sped up drastically and a new rose generating plugin has been added.

Posted by Chris Porter 2004-09-29

1.20 RC1

After months of beta testing 1.11, we've decided to name the next release 1.20 due to the major interface changes.
All known bugs have been fixed, and we just need to speed up the rotation code before release of 1.20.

Posted by Chris Porter 2004-09-27

1.11 beta 10 released

This new version adds the new Crush and Rotate plugins.

Posted by Chris Porter 2004-09-27


We require ideas for new plugins, if you can think of anything drop into the forum.

Posted by Chris Porter 2004-09-22

New homepage in place

After quite a bit of work our new homepage is in place.

Posted by Chris Porter 2004-07-24

New homepage

New homepage will be shoved up hopefully this weekend.

Posted by Chris Porter 2004-05-13

Moving in

We're just checking in all our source code from our previous CVS tree, ready for new development.

Posted by Chris Porter 2004-05-06