Improved Installation Procedure

To relieve the problems some people have with installing D2X-XL, I have taken a few measures to make that process easier.

D2X-XL will now check whether it finds all files it needs at the proper locations and report any it cannot find to the user. If deployed in a standard Descent installation, D2X-XL will automatically create all necessary folders and copy files to the proper locations.

Linux and Windows users can now have D2X-XL check for program updates, and if it finds one it will download and install it.

The Windows installation package now is a self extracting archive containing all required folders and files. All the user has to do is to launch the installer and enter the path to his Descent installation.

I think it cannot get much simpler and should make installing D2X-XL a breeze.

Posted by karx11erx 2009-09-04