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Cyn.in - Open Source Group Collaboration / News: Recent posts

Announcing the availability of Cyn.in v3

The new Cyn.in version 3 is finally here and we are excited to announce its public availability.

Cyn.in v3 brings with it great new features, tons of fixes and performance improvements and an all new user interface.

Some of the highlights of Cyn.in v3 are:

1. 3 new applications added to the Cyn.in collaborative suite to facilitate rapid knowledge sharing: Discussion Boards, Video and Audio Streaming
2. Faceted Search and Filtering - speed up information retrieval and allow users to filter down quickly to the answers they need
3. Crowd ratings so you can encourage conversations and capture ideas
4. Customizable Spaces so you can concentrate on what is important to you... read more

Posted by Cynapse 2009-10-30

cyn.in a Finalist @ Sourceforge CCA '09. Vote for us to Win!

Cyn.in is nominated a finalist for the SourceForge Community Choice Awards 2009 in 3 categories:

* Best New Project
* Best Commercial Open Source Project
* Best Visual Design

Cyn.in is among the 85 Finalists chosen from 47,887 nominations for 4,875 distinct projects! We are sincerely honored by this recognition by our community and are thankful to all cyn.in fans for helping us get there.

To win the SourceForge Community Choice Award, we need your help! The finalists will be decided based on the public votes. So head over to the voting page and cast your vote by clicking on this link: http://sourceforge.net/community/cca09/vote/?f=497... read more

Posted by Romasha 2009-07-01

cyn.in releases v2.1 with microblogging, Adobe AIR Desktop

cyn.in introduces the first open source cross platform desktop collaboration tool for the enterprise. Access, search and collaborate on the information stored in cyn.in with real time discussions, desktop microblogging and live search.

The cyn.in desktop client (beta) is a dashboard to the web-based open source software tool cyn.in, developed by Cynapse. The desktop client creates an ambient awareness amongst users by providing a real time activity stream of updates from the site. An edit or comment on any content bubbles up the item’s info-tile to the top for all users who have access rights to it. Instant discussions provide an immersive instant messaging like experience, with the distinction of using the activity stream as your IM roster or buddy list. Users can start and participate in discussions on wikis, documents and use the microblogging feature to initiate conversations!... read more

Posted by Dhiraj Gupta 2008-11-29

Cynapse unveils cyn.in v2 to Open Source

cyn.in, the industry leading SaaS offering for enterprise collaboration and knowledge management, is now available as an 'out of the box' software appliance that can be set-up behind your firewall. cyn.in v2 is now open source and the full featured Community Edition software appliance is available for free download.

Wilmington, DE: 16th July 2008 Cynapse is proud to announce the release of Cyn.in v2, an open source collaborative knowledge management software. cyn.in manages, secures, tracks and organically structures a content base of files, documents, digital media and any free form content. Cyn.in’s flexible content workflows, rules and role based granular security works in compliance with existing business processes and collaboration methodologies.... read more

Posted by Dhiraj Gupta 2008-07-16

cyn.in v2.0.5 source code released

The first source code release of the cyn.in project has just been uploaded on sourceforge.

Get it while it's hot from: http://cynin.sourceforge.net

Posted by Dhiraj Gupta 2008-07-14

cyn.in 2.0.5 VMWare appliance released!

The development edition of cyn.in community edition has been released on sourceforge and is available for immediate download as a vmware image. VMware images can be easily run in the free VMWare Player/Server product from VMWare (www.vmware.com) - instructions on setup are provided in the README.txt file in the download binary file (http://downloads.sourceforge.net/cynin/cynin-2.0.5dev-x86.zip?use_mirror=osdn).... read more

Posted by Dhiraj Gupta 2008-07-12