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  • kifwebe

    I downloaded the community source and genned it up on a spare debian box yesterday afternoon. After working with it a while, and thinking about how to configure something for our IT department, I have a question related to the mind map views.  Suppose I set up a simple central node - the organization - with three nodes off it - hardware, software and personnel.  The next level of the personnel has all the members of the department, the next level of the hardware has all the boxes, and the next level of the software has all the major operating systems and applications.

    Of course, often we want to start at a person, or a box, or a software package and see immediately what it is related to.  In other words, if I have a broken box, I want to see who is responsible for it and what software is on it.  Likewise, I might want to view a person and see what software and/or what boxes relate.  In the mind map structure, a child node can be the parent of its parent.

    Is it possible to do this now, and if not, would it be worthwhile to mod the software?  It would certainly be useful to us...


    • Dhiraj Gupta
      Dhiraj Gupta

      Hmm..... I guess you love the mindmap as much as we do. :)

      In cyn.in the mindmap is an accurate representation of all the applications (and their contents) that are there in your cyn.in site - it is dynamically generated, along with the view.

      Your question: Can a child node be the parent of it's parent? Strictly speaking - No. You can do the following in the version of cyn.in you're using, already:

      1. In your cyn.in site on the appliance, create a space call Organization.
      2. In the Organization space, create 3 Wikis called Hardware, Software and Personnel.
      3. In the above Wikis create Wiki Pages detailing each item. So Hardware could have a page called Athlon #3, Software could have Ubuntu 8.04, Personnel could have Bob, Smith, etc.
      4. You can add categories to each Wiki page for tagging metadata about it.
      5. You can relate each Wiki page to whatever other things you wish, for example you could upload actual photographs of people and relate them to personnel Wiki pages, and so on. And of course Wiki pages can be related as well as linked to each other.

      The caveat to the above, is that we're not showing relations and categories in the mindmap, at least currently. Also, the leaf nodes of an application are not shown in the map to keep the mindmap data to a really small size. Bare minimum, the mindmap data will have to be customized to fully get your mindmap the way you need it.

      Cynapse will happily do that for you if you wish for us to customize the mindmap - you can purchase any of the cyn.in editions and then there will be customization charges - here's the URL for the customization enquiry form: http://cyn.in/request-a-quote

      Alternatively, if you know a bit of python and are comfortable with XML generation it should be fairly straightforward to customize the mindmap XML templates to get your requirements working. I could point out the TAL templates and .py files you'd have to modify if you wish to do this.

      Personally, I like what you're trying to accomplish here, it's a good idea. :)

      Do post an update here with what you think,

      Thanks for trying out cyn.in,
      Dhiraj Gupta.

    • kifwebe

      Thank you for your cordial and helpful response. I will take your suggestions into account during my exploration of your very interesting application.

      The more I work with the application the more impressed I am with it.

      For the present I must learn how to use the basic functions, set up a model addressing our needs, and then present it to our department as a solution.

      We are a non-profit with about 90 employees and a small IT staff.


      charlie cook