I tried to install the gnome-terminal cygwin port from ftp://sunsite.dk/projects/cygwinports but I get the following error on starting the program :-
The procedure entry point gdk_screen_get_rgba_colormap could not be located in the dynamic link library cyggdk-x11-2.0-0.dll.
I tried to install from source, but it has a bunch of dependency amongst which is vte. During compilation of this package I got an error in vteapp.c regarding the same function. I tried to, but could not find a proper version of gdk (Does it come with gtk+- 2.0?). Since the vteapp.c file was only a test file, I commented out the code and was able to build vte, but then other dependencies forced me to give up trying to install from source.
   Right now I have a fresh cygwin install on which I'm trying to install the above package, but I'm unable to do so.
What am I missing? What's the easiest way to get this done?
Thanks in advance,