I've been running Cygwin/X for a while now, and I used to regularly use PuTTY to log in to a linux machine, then launch gnome-terminal using my local machine as the display.  I only recently discovered Cygwin Ports, and jumped at the idea of running gnome-terminal locally on my machine.  It works almost perfectly; a shortcut on my taskbar launches it, and from there I'm off creating new tabs/windows and using it to my heart's content.

The one problem is that my ALT key seems to not work at all.  I've checked every compatibility setting in gnome-terminal (which seems to only affect the Backspace and Delete keys) to no avail.  It's not a problem with my X server as the ALT key works fine in any other GUI-based app I launch.  A very annoying workaround is to use the ESC key as my meta modifier, but there are two problems with that: the location of the key is inconvenient, and (the much more annoying issue) I can't simply hold down the ESC key when using it.  For example if I wanted to delete a sentence, one word at a time (as opposed to one char at a time), I would normally hold down the ALT key and tap Backspace as many times as I want, once per word; with the ESC key workaround, I have to hit ESC once for each time I hit backspace.

Is there any way to get the ALT key working again?  I feel like there's a simple configuration/solution though I've scoured Google and came up with nothing.  Maybe I'm using the wrong search phrases or maybe I'm the only one with this problem (seems unlikely), but I can't find anything.  I'm on Windows 7, and I used the cygwin ports setup instructions to install gnome-terminal 3.2.1-1.  Any help will be much appreciated!