I'm trying to make gnome-wave-cleaner (http://sourceforge.net/projects/gwc/) without success. The first six or so .c files compile but one, audio_utils.c, fails which terminates the make process. And it fails oddly, producing only warnings, no errors, no abort message, but also no .o object file for use in creating the final executable.

I'm no c/c++ programmer and have no idea how to trouble-shoot a compile issue like this (I have no idea (again) on how to set up an IDE for cygwin code on a Windows computer so I could at least attempt something along those line). This is much more complex than debuggin Perl or shell scripts (which is what my job sometimes requires of me).

So, perhaps you and the cygwin-ports team might consider adding gnome-wave-cleaner to cygwin-ports. I know that it's part of both the Ubuntu and LinuxMint distros (Ubuntu being where I found it the first time).

Guy Stalnaker