It’s great to have KDE in the cygwin repository, and it works too! It works better for me than Gnome ever did on cygwin.


It does seem that there are still some issues with dependancies in the packages: Initially I installed just Konqueror and Konsole. (Actually QT3 and some kde stuff was already installed; kdelibs4 was already installed at least).

After installation was complete, konqueror started but with lots of errors and no useful functionality.


I needed to install kdelibs and kioslaves for konqueror to do something useful; so these packages should have been dependancies for konqueror. (Perhaps kdelibs4 should be added as a dependancy too; I don’t know because it was already installed/upgraded for I don’t actually even know what before I installed konqueror from the cygwin ports. Is that package part of cygwin-ports, or of actual cygwin?)


Next I installed kghostview, but it also doesn’t work: “unknown device: X11”. The Ghostscript-X11 package is installed however, so I don’t know what’s wrong here; it did work after installing kpdf though so again this might be a case of a missing dependancy.


Anyways, I’m really excited with all these KDE things and how well they work for me, so a great thanks!



Now I also have another question: is there a package / kioslave for KDE that acts as a Subversion front-end / Subversion plugin for Konqueror? Something comparable to tortoisesvn, but then for konqueror. It would be really great if such a thing would exist in the cygwin-ports repository. (Subversion itself already is in the cygwin repository).