I am fairly new to cygwin but not to linux/unix.
I have done a fair amount of research trying to get Xfce4 working under cygwin
and in fact can get some of the application pieces running (xfdesktop, xfpanel, etc
after running xinit) however if I try to run startxfce4, or try to run xfce4-session I
get stackdumps and errors indicating problems with my gtk+ (or lack thereof)
I have installed gtk2+ from the cygwin setup tool but xfce4 doesn't seem to be able
to find it in any paths.
So some questions... Is there a known (and quasi approved) way of getting Xfce4
to run under cygwin? There seem to be alot of older posts with with their own cygwin/Xfce4
ports (most notably http://bamanzi.inlsd.org/cygwin/xfce4/) however try as I may I can't
get everything to run properly or to compile from source (trying to compile from source
took 3 days and increased blood pressure 10 points and still failed on almost every "configure"
script even though the pre-req's were installed from cygwins setup tool)
What do I need to do to get around the Gtk2+ issue?
Not sure what info to give to help with this... any suggestions?