I am trying to figure out if I can "bypass" the xorg-x11-base package of cygwin and use xorg-x11-base from cygwinports.

However, both the following files:


seem empty or corrupted.

What I actually want to do is run gedit and similar gnome utilities, but after completing the
installation from cygwin (including cygwin/X) and cygwinports and issue the commands
gedit or gnome-terminal nothing happens, nothing appears and there is no complain about anything.
I thing I followed all the given directions ("download only" from cygwinports, "sed" on the setup.ini etc),
but the problem remains.

Moreover, since I intend to compile and install the geda package, I also need
xorg-x11-fscl (scalable fonts) which do not seem to be provided by cygwinports.

Thank you in advance for any help given.