I am new to cygwin ports and semi new to cygwin and having trouble installing cygwin port packages.

Apologies if there is an FAQ somewhere but could not find it.  Nor could I find any messages in this mail archive regarding this.

I tried to follow the instructions on the main cygwin ports page but i found them a bit terse.
What I dont understad about it is how can i "From a Cygwin shell, run this command:", when I havent installed cygwin yet?  All I have done is downloaded the packages I am interested in at that point.

Also I am assuming that when I launch the first setup.exe instance that it runs thru to its finish before I launch the second setup.exe; that is I dont have setup.exe running TWICE - one just runs normal and then I run a second instance with the -X flag.

Please if someone could help be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,