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Michael Schuh wrote:
| BTW, I got it working on my office machine and it is really nice. Thanks
| to all that made it work. You are amazing!

Thanks; it's always nice to hear that others find this all useful. 

| I don't know if "cygcheck
| /usr/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.8/i386-cygwin/glib2.so" output is helpful or
| not, but just in case it is, here is what I get:
|   C:\cygwin\bin\cygglib-2.0-0.dll
|     C:\cygwin\bin\cygiconv-2.dll
|     C:\cygwin\bin\cygintl-3.dll

I would guess that you have the wrong version of glib2 (the C library)
installed.  ruby-glib2 was built for Ports' glib2-2.12.x, which depends
on libintl8; the older version of glib2 in the distro depends on
libintl3, and is insufficient for almost anything in Ports nowadays.

Boy you have a good eye.  I did a diff on the output from the good and bad installations and get:

diff -w good bad
<      C:\WINNT\system32\Secur32.dll
<     C:\cygwin\bin\cygintl-8.dll
<     C:\cygwin\bin\cygpcre-0.dll
>     C:\cygwin\bin\cygintl-3.dll

which brings up the difference you talked about.  I will try your directions below when I get home.  For some reason, I was able to get the installation to work on two machines without following the "local" installation process in the link so I did not try it earlier.  I will try it now.

Thank you for the help.


IOW, to successfully use Ports, you must ALWAYS make sure that Ports'
versions override the distro's; here's how:


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