Have you completed the simplification process yet? I've never been able to get CP to work even though I've followed the instructions to the T.

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As always, please make sure to update from the distro as well as from Ports.

PLEASE NOTE: I'm working on fixing the issues that would greatly 
simplify the Ports installation process.  Any assistance would be 
greatly appreciated not only by me, but I suspect many of you as well. 
Please see my message on the Ports discussion list[1] for details.


* Inkscape 0.47

* MonoDevelop

* Transmission BitTorrent Client

The list of new and uploaded packages is attached; for the complete list 
of packages currently available, please check the FTP server: 

Please also consider using a mirror (but make sure it's current first): 


Cygwin Ports

[1] http://article.gmane.org/gmane.os.cygwin.ports.general/736

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