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Cygwin Gnome 2.4 now speaks 4 more languages

The cygwin-gnome2 project now has Gnome 2.4 bindings in the following languages:

C++ (
gconfmm2, libglademm2, libgnomecanvasmm2, libgnomemm2, libgnomeuimm2 (prereq libsigc++ is also available).

Perl (
Glib, Gnome2, Gnome2::Canvas, Gnome2::GConf, Gnome2::Print, Gnome2::Rsvg, Gnome2::VFS, Gnome2::Vte, Gnome2::Wnck, Gtk2, Gtk2::GladeXML, Gtk2::Html2, Gtk2::Spell, and Gtk2::TrayIcon.... read more

Posted by Yaakov Selkowitz 2004-05-21

New project: cygwin-gnome2

For those familiar with my cygwin-ports project, I have now made a similar project for Gnome 2.x libraries, bindings, and applications. These can be found now at the cygwin-gnome2 project.

You will need glib-2.x and gtk+-2.x from the CyGnome project to run these packages.

Posted by Yaakov Selkowitz 2004-04-30