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Glimmer-1.2.1 available now

Hi, guys!

I've upgraded glimmer to 1.2.1.

Glimmer is a simple code editor for use with just about any programming
language. It is still in the development stages, but is fairly useful
as a C/C++ editor with all the frills.

There're two binary available this time.
Version 1.2.1-1 is built without python support, while 1.2.1-2 do.

Note that different from version 1.0.1, latest version of glimmer
requires you have PyGTK installed if you want the python scripting support.
Thus you need to install the gnome-python package if you want to use the 1.2.1-2

http://cygnome.sourceforge.net/install/release/glimmer (only 1.2.1-1 here)

Posted by Yang Guilong 2003-03-29