cygnome trashes info dir?

  • Simon A Watts
    Simon A Watts

    Just (re)install cygnome thru' cygwin setup, full installation.

    One side effect is that the info 'dir' file in /usr/info has been deleted -- those in /usr/local/info and /opt/gnome/info exist.  INFOPATH is correct.

    I have had this before, but didnt know the cause.  I had to rebuild /usr/info/dir by hand.


    • Yang Guilong
      Yang Guilong

      I have no idea about this issue.
      It never occured in the serveral times installation I tried.
      Is there anyone else suffering from this problem?

    • Tim Reilly
      Tim Reilly

      I have just installed cygnome on my laptop.  It seems to have "trashed" the default gnome setup.  Everything worked fine untill I logged out the first time.   All of the menus and the "foot" icon are gone.  I still get the file menu though.  This seemed to happen after some windows didn't close properly.  I am reinstalling now.  I am thinking of backing up the directories after I finish the re-install.  I wish there was a way to go back to the default gnome setup.  Is there a command to do this ?