cygnome cygdb-4.1.dll, NOT cygdb-3.1.dll

  • Ronald Wouters
    Ronald Wouters

    Hi all,

    when I try to startup CyGnome I get an error about missing the cygdb-3.1.dll.  I checked and indeed there is no such dll on my pc.  However, I do have a cygdb-4.1.dll in C:\cygwin\bin dir.
    I seem to have a version that is too recent :-)
    The uname command gives me CYGWIN_NT-5.1.

    What am I missing here ?

    Ronald Wouters

    • Yang Guilong
      Yang Guilong

      cygdb-3.1.dll is provied in package libdb3.1, and
      libdb3.1 is provided in Cygwin net release.

      You can find it in any Cygwin mirror.

      Visit for detailed info.

      To ensure package dependencies, use at least two URL in Cygwin setup.exe at the same time,
      one for Cygwin net release and the other for cygnome.
      You can hold on Ctrl to select another site.