'Could not find signal handler' in glade app

  • Alexey Petinov
    Alexey Petinov

    Hi all,
    I compiled libglade app (gmixvm utility from GNU MDK), but the in run-time,
    libglade can't find signal handlers defined in the '.glade' file for this program.
    Does anybody have any ideas about how I can compile this correctly?

    • Yang Guilong
      Yang Guilong

      As of older versions of ld, the symbols in a .exe couldn't be automatically exported. You have to tell ld which symbols needed to be exported.

      For simple libglade applications, you can write a .def file by yourself which lists the symbols needed to be exported, then build the .exe with it.

      See bug-buddy for an example

      There're some other ways to resolve this,
      for example, release 20030901 of binutils has ' the ability to use exports from an executable
      and the ability to create a separate file holding debug info' (/usr/doc/Cygwin/binutils-20030901-1.README),
      but you still have to learn some tricks.