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The first version of CAFF, 0.1, is released

CAFF, Conversion and Formatting Framework, has released its first version. CAFF is a utility project that focus on Annotation based textual conversion, formatting, parsing and tokenizing functionalities, which is used by other project such as JCli and Jmxterm. The first release 0.1 decouples some existing logic from JCli to CAFF, and leaves JCli focus on command line arguments manipulation only.

Posted by crazytmac 2010-02-24

Jmxterm 1.0-alpha-4 is released

Comparing to the previous version, Jmxterm 1.0-alpha-4 fixed a few bugs and allows Jmxterm to run on Windows and Mac OS properly

Goto for download and more details

Posted by crazytmac 2009-02-02

JMXTERM 1.0-alpha-3 is released

JMXTERM project has released 1.0-alpha-3 version recently.

Check out release note at:
Executable Jar direct download:
More downloads for this version:

Comparing to previous version 1.0-alpha-2, 1.0-alpha-3 has following changes:... read more

Posted by jiaqi guo 2008-11-28

JMXTERM 1.0-alpha-2 is released

This version of JMXTERM delivers a number of improvements such as tab-completion, user/password based login and command history browsing. Check the download page for more details

Posted by jiaqi guo 2008-10-01

JMXTERM 0.2 is realeased

JMXTERM is a Java command line based interactive JMX client software. It's command line version of jconsole. Please check out for more dtails.

The 0.2 release is a much more reliable version of previous 0.1 version. Compare to version 0.1, many bugs are fixed, project is better tested and documented and a few new features are added. Version 0.2 is definitely preferred over 0.1. Find out more in the release note (

Posted by jiaqi guo 2008-07-30

Cyclops Group: JMXTERM 0.1 version released

JMXTERM(JMX Terminal) is a command line based interactive JMX Client. It's a command line version of jconsole.

Version 0.1 is the first usable version. As the version implies, the project is still poorly tested and documented.

Check out for more details.
Check out for download

Posted by jiaqi guo 2008-07-16

New live demo site for courselist project is setup as another live demo site of courselist project.

Posted by jiaqi guo 2007-02-16

SVN root is changed into

And it's required. For whatever reason if you don't change the svn root, you can still get the code but any change may bring you into "403 Forbidden" SVN error.

To change the SVN root without impacting any work, run following command under the root of working directory.

svn switch --relocate read more

Posted by jiaqi guo 2007-01-21

Code migration towards JDK5.0

This migration has been kept on the shelf for a long time. Even now it's still very argueable to tell if it's worthy to spend effort to do it. There are voices saying JDK5.0 should be regarded as a transitional java programming language specification. For me, since my new job requires heavy jdk5.0 style programming, migration these project to it could be a good practice.

Impacted projects include waterview and tornado.

Posted by jiaqi guo 2006-08-24

Source code is migrate from sourceforge CVS to SVN

The version on CVS will not be maintained or deleted. The latest version of all projects will be found at svn:// Web based UI is at

Posted by jiaqi guo 2006-04-03

New version of website

After 2 versions of theme in the last 3 years, a new

website is finally launched. Additionally, several existing google user
groups and some other stuff is integrated through RSS.

The following changes have been made in the new website:

1. Maven 1 is replaced by maven 2. The old maven-cyclops-plugin is not
required anymore. The look and feel of website is clearly controlled by
customized css. The new look and feel is inspired by read more

Posted by Jiaqi 2005-12-29