Simple installation help

  • heltinde

    I'm totally exhausted. For 2 weeks I'v been struggling with the installation (vers. 0.1.19) on various Linux distros, and still it doesn't work. The best I've managed is either 'access denied' or 'page not found', and sometimes even with a little flash of 'CybOrg'.
    The distro's I've tried: Ubuntu Breezy, Slampp and Debian Sarge. All of them were using Apache2. On Ubuntu I used Postgres 8 and on Sarge I used 7. The cyborg.sql installed fine on all of my configurations.
    Do I need to make a specific vitual host?
    Plz help - I really need some input, 'cause I'm SO stuck.

    • smeagoogle

      I have similar problems to install Cyborg on Mandriva 2006 , cause I dont know where exactly place the files , and what are the dependances  ...

    • Stephen Samuel
      Stephen Samuel

      Well from my (not quite successful, so far) attempt at installing it, it looks like you need to put the files (and directories) in htdocs in the root directory for your website (e.g. /var/www/).

      The CGI files need to go in your cgi-bin directory (on Umbutu dapper this is /usr/lib/cgi-bin with the default install )

      Note that you put the CONTENTS of the directories in those locations, not the directories themselves.  (e.g. cp -r cyberorg-*/cgi-bin/cyborg/* /usr/lib/cgi-bin/. )

      After that, I get database connect errors, but it at least <i>seems</I> like the files are in the expected places.