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Dev Server up!

Well... at least you can look at it hehe, It does what it's supposed to so far, I've tested that, but I need to polish it a bit and Update the client to use the right protocol. But hey, it's certainly progress, see the release notes for an interesting read regarding this release.

Posted by Jon Winsatt 2003-06-22

I Lied

I've been working on the client and decide the server was just too stupid, so I'm around halfway done with a New server now. It responds to http 1.1 requests so we can get the client talking how it's supposed to instead of some random baby talk, hehe. I know I said no new server, but I'll do it myself so don't worry about it. Also, I gave it a snazzy new interface, I acctually made the new version from scratch, using a few better programming techniques.... read more

Posted by Jon Winsatt 2003-06-22

let's see some more tommorow?

Ok, I think I'm going to my friends house tommorow. I'm gonna pick up my visual basic CD from there. Then I'll be able to start really cranking out some improvments to the interface, real features, and NO WAY!! a client that actuall does something :D hehe the alpha is kinda dumb isn't it?

Posted by Jon Winsatt 2003-06-16

Look ma, I can do CVS!

Please don't make fun of me for not being familiar with it :) Well, I finally figured it out mostly... I hope :D Well I went through the source forge FAQ's about it and have added the VB source that's out so far to it. This is the document I read:

If your in a hurry to learn it, you can just read this section: read more

Posted by Jon Winsatt 2003-06-10

Introduce yourself!

Developers; Kenneth (langly_) has started a 'hi my name is' thread in the developers forum, an introduction would be appreciated.

Also, we're discussing some standards for code readability and good structure in the developer forum, check it out and contribute if you want. At least say if you agree or not.

Posted by Jon Winsatt 2003-06-09

Second round of recruits

I've just finished mailing 6 more developers, 2 VB and 4 PHP coders. This is definitely looking good! We're now actively using the developers discussion forum, Feel free to post in the public ones as well.

Posted by Jon Winsatt 2003-06-08

Beta version in planning - no new server.

We've got a couple developers and several more have applied. We'll start working on beta pretty soon. I don't think we need to work mutch on the server end this time around though, especially since it's only a development server for now. I need to go and get more information about cyberarmy infrastructure first, and I'd rather have a solid client before asking any questions. hehe

Posted by Jon Winsatt 2003-06-05

Here's an alpha release for you!

Well, they say 'release early and release often', so I guess I'm doing alright. This release follows the criteria of my first release requirements in the project documentation section. I did, however, drop the systray icon stuff for now, I just wanted to get the basic functionality out there.

Posted by Jon Winsatt 2003-06-03

Little site and getting stuff set up.

Well, I don't have VB on this comp, I'm at a friends house, and I've got nothing to do, so I set up and/or played with just about every feature I can use as an admin on this site.
I setup a bit of a placeholder site for a homepage, just typed it up in vi over ssh. I'll continue working on my alpha release as soon as I get access to vb6 again, which should only be a few hours!

Posted by Jon Winsatt 2003-06-03

I'm up!

I've got this sourceforge stuff mostly figured out now, and I'll now work on getting out an alpha release. Then I'll start asking for developers. This should be great.

Posted by Jon Winsatt 2003-06-02