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New release 1.8.rc2

Release 1.8.rc2 is mainly a bug fix release (even if there seems
to ba a bit of new functionality). The main points are:
- Support for multiple Ethernet network adapters on the server
- Added compact view of workstations for large cyber cafes
- Fixed config problems under Win XP

Full change log:

New functionality:
- Added the possibility to choose the network adapter to bind to on
the server so that computers with several adapters can select the
correct local network adapter
- Added ability to display workstations in two cols (compact view)
for cyber cafes that have a lot of computers

Bug fixes:
- Fixed bug in client history: recharges could not be deleted
- Fixed bug in Workstation lockdown: The classic menu MUST be used on
the workstations under Windows XP if you want to forbid Logoff
This seems to be a Microsoft bug
The server now forces the use of the standard menu
- Set max workstations to 50
- Fixed small GUI bugs

New functionality:
- Added a Quit button in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen
for free sessions
- Added a maximum of 90 sec wait before connecting to server at start
to let the OS startup properly
- Added server connectivity info to the Blocked screen

Bug fixes:
- Fixed GUI bug in Main form height calculation under XP
- Fixed bug in WinXP: in order to lockdown the workstation, the XP
Welcome screen HAS to be deactivated. This is done by the installer
- Fixed GUI for upcoming translations
- Fixed bug in Installer: Removed the uninstall start menu item from
the all users start menu. The uninstall item is now only for the
user that installed Cybera
- Corrected a bug that could warn users that they had 5 or 2 mins left
when in fact they had 48:05:00 or 48:02:00 left
- Fixed small GUI bugs, including cleaning up the status windows
- Fixed bug in system tray context menu

Posted by Samuel Monsarrat 2005-04-01