cybera updating

  • michael howard
    michael howard

    Cybera is the most downloaded internet-cafe or cyber-cafe management program on sourceforge, it might be the most used open-source cybercafe program.

    If there are that many users, it would be a good choice of a project to keep updating, and make into a well-known, standard cybercafe-manager program, for windows and linux.

    cybera has no linux versions, client or server, as of today.  it also could use some improvements, to better compete with commercial packages, such as cybercafepro.

    it would be good for linux to have a very good, well known, cybercafe manager.

    Openkiosk is another project that gets quite a bit of downloads, and is used quite a bit.  it is also active, in fact.

    • ptifou

      yes but he is not free.

    • mr_anyone

      The problem is, Cybera is written in a Windows-only way. With the use of MS Access-databases as backend and written in VB, I think it would (unfortunately) be very much work to port the software to Linux. (Correct me if I'm wrong.)

      But, it would be very nice if there would be some active developers to improve the software even more.

    • michael howard
      michael howard

      Porting only the client should be much easier, it would help many people already.  Then the cyber needs only to have one windows, only for the server.  It will also help make cybera even more popular, as many cybers have mixed windows and linux boxes, and very few programs support both in any way at all.  I looked around a lot, posted a little list --