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My computers been locked.

  • Nicky

    I'm Nicky from Indonesian. Last nite I was try to using Cybera installer for billing internet,, was ok and work out till I closed and shutdown all my computers as usual.
    But this morning my time,, when I'll open my netcafe, and switch on all my computers,except computer server, but can't open coz I must log on with username and password. I was try to using server username that I made as the suggested  and password,,, but it doesn't  work. I never locks my computers, so we can open whenever we want without using username and password for the log on access. Never happen before I using Cybera installer for billing internet.. Please give an information for this,. Hear from you soon coz I really need my computers going as well as always.

    Thank you.


  • GianT

    What version are you using? 1.9rc3 or another (1.9.450, 1.9.500, 1.9.600) ?

    If you are using one of the las versions, did you upgrade both server and client versions? Anyway an alternative solution would be to uninstall and reinstall the application, just to have your computers working well for the moment