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#11 Server Settings Permissions (V1.9)

Devin Bayer

Recently we stopped being able to create new cards. Sometimes it worked and sometimes we got the error "No card was found" and then it tried to recharge the currently selected card. It happened randomly about half the time.

I tried to investigate the source of the problem. So I tried deleting the database and registry entries and starting over. But it didn't start over. Instead only some settings were forgotten and some stayed, plus it gave me lots of errors. So I uninstalled and reinstalled Cybera Server. Now the problem was fixed but I noticed that the registry contained a lot more entries under Cybera Server then before. Before it only contained "Card Generation", "General", and "Main Window Position". So I suspect it's because I ran Cybera first as the admin and then as a regular user and the regular user couldn't change or view in regedit those registry items.

This falls under user error but I think it should still be corrected. To be able to install Cybera one must be running as an administrator. But to use Cybera Server one shouldn't be running as an administrator. However, if one runs Cybera the first time as an administrator it'll create some registry keys that cannot be modified by a regular user. And this behavior is even encouraged by the installation program.

I suggest you only modify settings in the user's documents and the local user registry tree. Since to be able to modify the user rights on the client one must always run the server as the same user anyway, it's more logical to keep the database and settings on a per-user basis.

Also maybe my analysis is wrong. The first paragraph describes the bug and a reinstall fixed it.


  • whitewash

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    Hmm maybe it can be solved by setting permissions on those keys, e.g. allowing RDN object 'Everyone' to read/write access program key and its subkeys..