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[r368] (HEAD) by atuining

Ensure that the temporary LOB is freed before freeing the descriptor; it
seems logical that freeing the descriptor should free the temporary LOB as
well but apparently that is NOT the case!

2012-02-12 03:47:13 Tree
[r367] by atuining

Remove builds for Python 2.5 since it is not well supported by newer

2011-10-11 03:40:54 Tree
[r366] by atuining

Releasing 5.1.1.

2011-10-09 05:05:24 Tree
[r365] by atuining

Releasing version 5.1.1.

2011-10-09 04:40:40 Tree
[r364] by atuining

Preparing to release 5.1.1.

2011-10-09 04:39:05 Tree
[r363] by atuining

The prefetch routine should only be run during fetches and not when the LOB
variable is being destroyed! Doing so causes strange errors to be raised.

2011-10-04 04:35:52 Tree
[r362] by atuining

Use OCI_UTF16ID for NCLOBs as the standard character set seems to cause
problems with Oracle

2011-09-28 03:46:08 Tree
[r361] by atuining

Fix cursor description to take into account the number of bytes per character.

2011-09-28 01:17:45 Tree
[r360] by atuining

Make use of the PyGILState_Ensure() and PyGILState_Release() methods which
are available in Python 2.3 and up and greatly simplify the code surrounding
thread handling in callbacks made by Oracle. The original code must have had
some small issue in it that was tweaked under high load. Thanks to Calvin S.
for noting the issue and supplying the suggested fix.

2011-09-24 20:56:52 Tree
[r359] by atuining

Added tests for NCLOBs to the test suite.

2011-09-02 03:44:48 Tree
[r358] by atuining

Added tests for NCLOBs to the test suite.

2011-09-02 03:27:55 Tree
[r357] by atuining

Added support for specifying the service_name in the dsn generated by makedsn()
which can be done by not specifying a value for the sid (third parameter) and
using the keyword parameter service_name instead.

2011-08-28 04:20:07 Tree
[r356] by atuining

Set native line endings on all text files.

2011-06-22 18:17:51 Tree
[r355] by atuining

Force server detach on close so that the connection is completely dead and not
just the session as previously.

2011-05-14 23:12:25 Tree
[r354] by atuining

Remove redundant code used for determining library path.

2011-04-22 20:01:26 Tree
[r353] by atuining

Released version 5.1.

2011-03-21 04:37:16 Tree
[r352] by atuining

Releasing version 5.1.

2011-03-20 05:02:40 Tree
[r351] by atuining

Update the documentation in preparation for the new release.

2011-03-20 05:01:27 Tree
[r350] by atuining

Preparing to release 5.1.

2011-03-20 04:57:10 Tree
[r349] by atuining

Update documentation for the addition of the typename argument to the
constructor of variable objects.

2011-03-20 04:55:42 Tree
[r348] by atuining

Restore support for the encoding and nencoding attributes on a connection.

2011-03-15 16:18:26 Tree
[r347] by atuining

Ignore .pyc files; needed for CentOS.

2011-02-19 03:56:57 Tree
[r346] by atuining

Remove "unicode" mode and simply permit unicode to be used everywhere within
cx_Oracle; stop using "unicode" mode in the OCI as well since that appears to
have bugs in some places and doesn't really solve any problems anyway.

2011-02-19 03:50:16 Tree
[r345] by atuining

Free temporary LOBs prior to each fetch in order to avoid leaking them; thanks
to Uwe Hoffmann for the initial patch.

2011-01-04 05:55:54 Tree
[r344] by atuining

Make AIX5 happy as OCIPing does not appear to be available on that platform
under Oracle 10g Release 2. Thanks to Pierre-Yves Fontaniere for the patch.

2011-01-01 05:07:20 Tree
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