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#1 --target-lib-dir option (or similar)

Phil Schwartz

It would be nice if cx_Freeze could copy all
dependencies to a different directory (possibly a
subdirectory) of the target executable. For instance:

./FreezePython --install-dir=dist
--target-lib-dir=dist/lib myscript.py

The dist directory would then have myscript executable
plus a subdir, lib, which would include all of the


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    This could be accomplished fairly easily if the directory
    could be hardcoded (always "lib" or "support" or some such
    which everyone would agree upon). The other option is to
    freeze in another script which has constants set by the
    parameters to the FreezePython executable. These could then
    be examined by the initscript and the environment changed
    appropriately. I'm leaning toward the second option as the
    solution to your request. You are not the first to ask for
    this and I can see its desirability. If you have any further
    comments, please put them here and I'll take them into
    consideration. Thanks.

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    Version 4.0 of cx_Freeze (which should be released later today) has the ability to place all of its modules in a separate file (library.zip or <appname>.zip) and after further thought I'm not sure this option makes much sense. Perhaps you could explain in further detail why it would be desirable or what problem you are trying to solve? Thanks.



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