#21 CQPweb: query-diff postprocess

Andrew Hardie
CQPweb (32)
Andrew Hardie

Idea for an additional postprocess function: query-diff ie difference between two queries.

Have an option on the concordance-page menu "filter out results shared with another query".
This goes to an admin page, where the user's saved queries are listed.

The orig query the user came from is q1, the saved query they select is q2.
Running the postprocess creates a new query containing all && only the hits in q1 that do not occur in q2.

How to implement: create a temporary mySQL table for q2's conc lines (begin position / end position [implemented as one field or 2?? ]).
Then, dump q1.
Read the dump line by line -- check the temp table to see if it's there,
--------If it is, skip it.
--------If it isn't, write it to tempfile
Finally, if there is anything in tempfile, add the number of hits at the start (creating tempfile2) && undump tempfile2 to create the new query.


  • Stefan Evert
    Stefan Evert

    From our experience working interactively in CQP, it's even more useful to be able to run subqueries, i.e. filter query results either by collocates (tokens with a certain property within a specified range, e.g. a finite verb within 3 words) or by another CQP query. This could easily be implemented using "set keyword" and subqueries in CQP, but the results would have to be stored as saved queries (because they can't easily be reproduced when they're dropped from the cache).

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