Hello there,
  I've tried setting up the CVW server v4.0.2 on a RH6.2 linux server but can only get audio/video across my own LAN.  So, I have recompiled my kernel to enable multicasting and am now trying to set up mrouted.  I guess I just don't understand what this multicast tunnelling really means.  I can't seem to get remote video/audio connections and I've probably not got my mrouted.conf set up correctly.  Can anyone help?  
The command as I see it is..
tunnel <local-ip-address><remote-ip-address>[rate_limit<num in KB>]
okay, my ADSL IP is, my LAN IP's are to, and I've left the default "multicast prefix setting" in CVW to 225.4.
My question is this.. what is my remote IP for the tunneling?