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CVS Web Client no longer supported by Martin Cleaver

CVSWeb Client is no longer supported by Martin Cleaver.

If you have an interest in maintaining the existing codebase, please contact me and I will look into making you an administrator of this project.

If you wish to add to the documentation set of this software, please use the collaborative website software on

You could also try using the mailing lists.

I give my apologies for delay in the announcement of this notice and I am very sorry that I cannot answer your questions regarding Cvswebclient - given my work pressures and interests I choose to no longer devote time to this piece of software.

In time I am confident that CVSWeb Client will be replaced by Sand Web -

I would appreciate if you don't mail me with questions about this software other than for taking on maintaining it - I will probably not respond!

Best of luck, Martin.

PS. I would like to give my apologies to people who have mailed me directly with questions about CVSWeb Client to which I have not replied. I realise this is rude and I do apologise.

-- Martin Cleaver - 08 Aug 2001

Posted by Martin RJ. Cleaver 2001-08-11