Please Post solution for GD problems

Bob Jaques
  • Bob Jaques
    Bob Jaques

    I am running Redhat Fedora 3 and I cannot load GD perl. I have read the various posts on this problem and its not clear what has to be done. I have seen something about using gd1 not gd2 but what is the cpan call to load gd1


    • Adam Kennedy
      Adam Kennedy

      Suggestion from others suggests that using the system rpms for GD and GD-perl will satisfy the GD dependency correctly.

      The problem was that the GD authors went from version 1 to 2 with a new API, and the Perl GD authors followed.

      But the APIs are using the same module name with two different APIs. Idiots...

      So you have to make sure you have a matching set.

      At this date MOST of the distros have all moved to 2, so installing the system rpms for GD and GD-Perl solves most of these problems.